Abbey Ridge Productions

I build beautiful websites for small budgets.

Abbey Ridge Web Productions is a web and print design company located

in the beautiful wilderness capital of British Columbia - Elkford, BC.


One year later...

Just over 12 months ago, I made a life changing decision to start a new career; actually, a similar profession in a completely different environment with different rules and practices. 

With that career change came a lot of lifestyle changes too, less time for me, less time for my family and definitely less time to work on my web design business but there have been big gains in other areas such as the new people whom I've met, many new skills that I've learned and a much bigger salary and benefit package. 

It took a while, but I feel that I am finally able to balance my lifestyle and career. I've begun new activities (and kept doing some of the old ones) that allow me to maintain close relationships with the good people whom I left with my old career, started new web design projects and maintained my exercise and outdoor adventures. 

Life is good. :-)

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